Meet Real Estate Investment Advisor Brent Roberts

brent_roberts_blog.pngBrent started his real estate investment career at the tender age of 18, purchasing his first home for $33,000 with $3,000 down. Over the span of his real estate and investment career he has seized the opportunity to invest in single-family dwellings and multi-family complexes throughout BC, Alberta and parts of the US. Investing in real estate hasn’t always been easy for Brent. He has made some mistakes and took some risks that didn’t pay off, but overall, he has come ahead.

In 1989, he decided to become a Realtor to increase his knowledge of the industry. Starting his career with Realty World, he soon become one of the top Realtors in the industry and has continued down that path for the past 25 years. He has always had an “open door” policy with other Realtors, especially those new to the industry, and has enjoyed sharing his knowledge about real estate and marketing.

It is because of this that he decided to become a REIN Coach and help other investors build their empire. He enjoys helping people, whether it be with selling their home, buying an investment property, or coaching them along the way; he truly likes to see others succeed.

Brent Roberts is a Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA) and would like to see you succeed. Find out more about Brent and the REIA program here.


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