Meet Real Estate Investment Advisor Randy Dalton

Randys_Profile_Photo_blog.pngBy Randy Dalton

I spent over 30 years always wishing that I had bought real estate “back before”…Always before the last boom.  In my 40’s, I saw many booms come and go, but I never realized that history is a good predictor of the future until I met Don R. Campbell and joined the Real Estate Investment Network. 

After I joined, I was mentored.  My mentor quickly got to know my WHY and my strategy.  We spoke often but as a minimum we spoke:

  • Every time I viewed a property,
  • Before every offer submitted,
  • Before waiving conditions,
  • And after every close.

My mentor asked tough questions and made sure I stayed true to myself, my investment objectives, and my strategies for investing.

Since then, I must say we are now fully invested in real estate.  Two generations worth, we are invested in single family, multi-family, and even private mortgages.  Even our RRSP’s are invested in a mix of mortgages, earning a far better return then any mutual fund.  And now we are investigating other alternatives, including flips and vacation rentals.  In the beginning I also started a property management company, and I have always believed that running a property management company made me a better investor.  And, in turn, being a real estate investor has made me a better property manager.

Now, with eight years of experience and growth, I am giving back by assisting other investors through my REIA mentoring and coaching.  I assist my clients through their investment decisions and also for those who wish to self manage.  However, I do believe there must be a good fit.  I often learn as much from my clients as they learn from me.  So, if you are interested in talking further, please look me up on myREINspace; reach out to me, and let’s chat.

Find out more about Randy and the REIA program here.


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