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“If you take a loss and don’t learn anything from it, then that’s where the fear sets in. But if you can take a loss and dissect it inside and out, the confidence you actually build from that is incredible because now you know what not to do with clarity that was only theoretical before.” – Susan White Livermore

Special Guest: Susan White Livermore

Susan White Livermore knew she could no longer work in the corporate world, and when the opportunity arose to buy her first investment property, she jumped in and has not looked back. With a self-described personality of fire, then aim, Susan approaches her business with a mindset of possibility, purpose and yes, fun!

In this episode, Susan discusses the importance of looking after our own well-being and fulfillment to show up in our power and with energy for our loved ones. Along with her commitment to build intentional relationships Susan shares her routines and practices all of which have a lasting effect on her mindset and therefore the success of her business. Susan identifies some of the roadblocks that she observes in other real estate investors and ways to work through them based on her experience. In this authentic conversation she acknowledges her wins and her losses, both of which help build her knowledge and confidence. As a mom of three, a real estate investor, and a coach Susan realizes the value of building intentions and goals that support balance in business and lifestyle.

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