Mindset Matters: The Power of Celebration

The latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast is now online!

 “Why the conversation about mindset and why is it important? It’s not just about success, it’s not about getting shit done, it’s not about being uber successful in business or in life. It’s really how we approach business, how we approach life. It’s actually all about us and how we view the world.” 

– Patrick Francey

Mindset Matters: The Power of Celebration

Join Patrick and Steffany for this Mindset Matters episode as they share in a conversation about the practice of celebration.

Life is often a rollercoaster ride full of twists and turns, but how often do we pause to appreciate the journey? Celebrating our wins, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, can have an meaningful impact on our mental well-being. The keyword here is “celebration,” which encompasses more than just parties and confetti. It’s about taking time to reflect on our achievements, expressing gratitude towards ourselves and others who supported us along the way, and acknowledging that progress takes effort. Incorporating celebrations into our daily routine can enhance self-confidence by reminding us of what we are capable of accomplishing. It inspires gratitude by recognizing even the smallest successes that might otherwise go unnoticed. So tune in as Patrick and Steffany explore why celebrating wins (event he small ones)  creates a happier life!

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