NEW EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Rethinking Real Estate – January 22, 2022

A real-time economic market and cycle update; PLUS a peek into today’s cascading effects of technology, crypto, NFTs and blockchain.

We are on the brink of an incredible revolution that will usher in opportunity and prosperity in a new, exponential age.

Have you considered…..

How technology disruptions are going to impact your real estate investing portfolio and strategy in the coming years? As you know, real estate investing is based on data-driven decisions, but what will that look like once crypto, NFTs and blockchain become the norm? 

As you move into 2022, you will need to rethink how real estate works, because the future will look nothing like the past. By attending Rethinking Real Estate, you’ll be amongst the first wave of real estate investors to get a glimpse into the future of real estate. You’ll walk away with a solid understanding and feel confident in what’s to come when the real estate industry merges with technology such as NFTs, crypto and blockchain.

If you wait to feel the effects of these technologies as a consumer, you will have missed the opportunity as an investor. Don’t wait, the time is NOW!

Early bird tickets are on sale until January 1 – Click here to check out the agenda and sign up now!

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