Passing the Baton to Future Generations

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 “The amount of education I got from some of my mentors early on were so impactful to me. The one thing I promised myself is that… if I can pay it forward at some point in the future and teach others, keep that baton going to the next generation, I’m going to do it.” 

Michael Dominguez

Special Guest:
Michael Dominguez

Michael Dominguez is an award-winning sales representative, a member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame and the founder of Doors to Wealth Real Estate Group, a team of realtors focused on educating and assisting people in residential real estate. After becoming a realtor in 2008, Michael realized the opportunities in real estate investing and bought his first investment property, proceeding to add to his portfolio for 10 consecutive years.

When he entered real estate in 2008, Michael was drawn towards people who saw real estate ownership as a vehicle for building wealth and reaching their goals. Many of his current and former clients were able to quit their full-time job, do more of what they wanted to do, and seek their passions. As an investor realtor, Michael discovered a real passion for helping others build their wealth so they can experience the choices and financial freedom they desire.

In this episode, Michael spotlights the gift that mentorship and education was for him, particularly in the beginnings of his real estate investment business. He credits the REIN team and the like-minded community for their part in the success he achieved. Michael talks about the importance of paying it forward now and being of contribution to others. As with his last TEDM appearance, Michael keeps it simple: follow the system, take action consistently, and build long-term wealth. Michael has been named Investor Realtor of the Year by the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) twice, as well as Canadian Real Estate Magazine Investor Realtor of the Year. He was also awarded a RE/MAX Jazz Mentorship Award. In his downtime, Michael is a die-hard Los Angeles Dodgers fan and an avid traveler who desires to have as many once-in-a-lifetime experiences as possible in his life.

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