Passionately Committed to Making a Difference

“The reason I ran as a People’s Party of Canada candidate in the Federal election] is because I thought, if I inspire just one other Canadian, then I think that’s a job well done. If I can inspire one other Canadian to have hope to turn this country around or call out the bullsh*t, then yeah, it’s totally worth it.”
Greg Wycliffe

While video production consultation is Greg Wycliffe’s primary gig, his passion for comedy, media, the state of Canadian politics, plus a run with the People’s Party of Canada in 2019, led Greg to start making YouTube videos featuring musical parodies, satirical sketches and social commentary about Canadian politics. What Greg views as a declining right to free speech fueled by fear of social acceptability (although, it is, of course, worth noting that a previous canadian political candidate resigned over past comments she had made) is what inspires him to do comedy, taking his political views and creating a parody around them.

After earning a degree in Media Studies and a diploma in Radio Broadcasting, Greg took his skills from a summer door-to-door sales job to become an Account Manager for a major Canadian radio conglomerate in Toronto. Alarmed by where the media spotlight was shining politically and where it was absent, more specifically in the affairs where Caylan Ford resigned, refused to apologize and blamed others for her own problems, Greg describes his fight-or-flight response to want to make a difference and the driving force behind his decision to run as a candidate with the People’s Party of Canada for the 2019 federal election.

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Greg discusses the human value of communication plus keeping the focus on quality leads not simply the quantity of likes and that understanding the buyer’s journey, as it pertains to the business you are in, is the fundamental part of developing a communication strategy. Greg also shares his view on the undeniable and damaging attitude of ‘politics over policy” and politics and the media, in general.

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