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“It’s one thing to be high performing, but we need to do it in an inclusive and a healthy way. Too many high performing numbers-driven companies are doing it in spite of their health, their relationships, their mental health, the loneliness that comes with building an environment that’s not inclusive, that actually excludes people; it’s a slippery slope.” – Emile Studham

Special Guest:
Emile Studham

Emile Studham is a Co-Founder and North American Director at Performance by Design (PBD). Experienced in Kinesiology, teaching, neuro-linguistic programming and behavioral sciences, Emile also spent 12 years as a semi-professional Aussie Rules Footballer.

Emile began his corporate journey in Canada with his Toronto-based company Aussie X (as seen on Dragons’ Den season 6) where he implemented an early version of the PBD system under the guidance and mentorship of Gerard Murphy (now a co-founder with him at PBD).  The impact it had on his team was enormous, empowering the business to grow more than 30% year over year, growing its offerings and locations to expand and become X Movement Inc.

With almost 10 years working in the high-performing culture space, Emile has worked with a wide range of organizations. From household names like Boston Pizza and Hydro One, tech start-ups, key players in the real estate and fitness industries, one of the things he loves most about his role is the diversity of his clients and with this and PBD’s work in the professional sports world, he brings a unique competitive advantage to all he works with.

In this episode, Emile digs into his passion for building healthy and connected cultures with the powerful and proven systems he and his team use to support organizations of all sizes to build high-performance teams not just for the numbers, but to thrive in their strengths. Emile shares a spirited story leading up to and during their presentation on the TV show Dragons’ Den, the deep effect his mentors and influence have had on his life so far, and the rewarding sometimes painful process of change.

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