Persistence and Irrevocable Commitment

“Look for opportunities to be challenged and practice persistence, because it is through this persistence that you push through and get to the result that you’re looking for. It’s not easy, nothing is given on a silver platter. You have to see yourself as a limitless opportunity. If you don’t quit, you’re going to get there.” 
-Nick Legault

Nick Legault is the founder and CEO of Building Investments Inc. He’s also the REIN Canada award winner of Multi-Family Investor of the Year, Co-Venturer of the Year, and Leslie Cluff (Most Prominent Player) of the Year in Ottawa. 

Nick holds an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and an honours certificate in Business Administration from the University of Ottawa. After school, Nick went to work as a design engineer and project team leader for a start up waste-to-energy engineering company in Ottawa. 
He started his investing career part-time in 2008 at 25 years old, immediately after graduating from university, with the purchase of a 2-bedroom condo. Now a full-time real estate investor and developer, Nick focuses on acquiring properties to build and renovate, and he owns multi-million-dollar apartment buildings in Ottawa. His company, Building Investments Inc., broadly specializes from land acquisition, to planning and design, to construction project management and property management.  
Nick is a speaker on multi-family investing, and most proud of his coaching students who have bought multi-family properties.

On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Nick shares the catalyst that brought him to the world of real estate investing, his evolution into entrepreneurialism and his winning formula to get to his destiny. He also discusses how he raised capital to fund his investments, imparts a nugget of wisdom from his townhouse block purchase experience, examines the results of a deal gone south & more!

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