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Quite often when I feel that level of resistance, my default now is to get simple. Anytime there’s a little resistance it’s almost always because I’ve overcomplicated something, which is the inherent nature of who I am. It’s this back and forth to me of, if I’m creating reality, why did I create this, what do I need to learn from it, have I learned the lesson before (obviously not if I created it again) and then how do I shift through it without there having to be a bunch of strife.”

– Ryan Niddel

Special Guest: Ryan Niddel

Ryan Niddel began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 10 with a local lawn mowing operation which led to being taken under the wing of a local businessman and mentored starting at the age of 14. He is currently a principal in a private equity group, the CEO of two 8-figure companies, and sits on the board of directors for several other companies. He has built a reputation as a top business growth specialist, and as someone able to rapidly improve the profitability of companies in order to achieve a higher valuation and sell for significantly more revenue.

Ryan has helped with the acquisition or exit of more than 11 companies while seeing their collective revenue surpass more than $237M. Niddel has successfully tripled the revenue of more than 5 companies in under 2 1/2 years adding an extra $950M in valuations.

In this episode Ryan and Patrick talk less about “what” Ryan does and more about how he thinks and how he creates. Hear about Ryan’s early entrepreneurial start plus three significant forks in the road that impacted his trajectory. Ryan offers his perspectives on conscious co-creation, failure, resistance, and mindfully creating a values-aligned culture and environment that is now fundamental for his team, accountability, and the growth of his business. Be sure to listen in for some very valuable insights in this conversation.

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