Prison Break(through) to Personal Freedom

The latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast is now online!

“For me, things didn’t start to change in my life until I started to think differently. Once I changed my approach as to how I think…to get me over the hump of feeling like I’m in this prison that I can’t break out of, that I’ve created this lifestyle. Once I started to change the way I think, all mental, that’s when my life started to change.” – Brian O’Neill

Special Guest: Brian O’Neill

Brian O’Neill is an experienced real estate investor, author, speaker, coach, and podcast host. In his real estate business, he specializes in creative finance strategies for purchasing properties, offering flexible solutions for both buyers and sellers.

Brian spent 25 years in corporate sales, stuck in a job he didn’t like and being away from his wife and young son. After decades of trying, Brian was finally able to break free and start his own real estate business and now he helps other aspiring entrepreneurs in similar situations break out of their W2 Prisons through his coaching program and his podcast – The W2 Prison Break Show.

Get in on this episode to hear about Brian’s 25-year journey from a secure corporate life (W2) to a thriving entrepreneur. An antidote to his fears and roadblocks finally came in the way of a truth bomb dropped by a mentor that boosted his confidence and jumpstarted his dreams. Brian offers his perspective on the business of real estate investing and the opportunity that exists to help people in any market. Together with a foundation of values-aligned relationships, Brian shares the importance of support systems, outlets, and self-care along the way.

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