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What I love about REIN is it’s true, it’s authentic and it’s the whole system… If you play the system, and you play it to win, you can reduce your risk. Not only reduce your risk but even capitalize on it and take care of yourself. Ultimately, I want people to have a rich lifestyle; their financial security handled and then whatever they want. And it can be done, but REIN is the only one that does it all the way through. Full stop.
 – Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer Hunt is the VP of Research with REIN and began investing in real estate in 2009 with a focus on buy & hold, renovations, fix & flips, RSP/TFSA investing solutions, joint ventures, equity & non-equity positions. 

Jennifer’s robust 50+ door portfolio includes vacation rentals, suited houses, condos, multi-family and industrial development throughout British Columbia, Ontario, and Hawaii.  

Within the last 3 years, Jennifer has raised $1M+ in joint venture capital and is actively acquiring 5 apartment buildings (61 doors) in Alberta, student housing in British Columbia & vacation rentals in Hawaii. 

She has led and completed significant industrial real estate development projects and closed commercial leases over $5 million – some of which were high profile and unique deals for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. 

After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad in 2009, her education unfolded with vigor and Jennifer dove in to make business and personal development a top priority, learning from others and taking direct action.

On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Jennifer and Patrick dig into the business of real estate for income today, and her #1 real estate investing strategy for long-term wealth creation.

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