Rapid Cash Success Story Featuring Wayne Hillier


JG Francoeur recently chatted with real estate investor Wayne Hillier on REIN’s Facebook Live about the Rapid Cash Program and how Wayne implements Rapid Cash Strategies on a day-to-day basis to grow his portfolio.

Wayne Hillier Facebook Live

Wayne has been investing in real estate for five years and really started taking it seriously about three years ago. His business was at a standstill and the Rapid Cash Program opened up opportunities he didn’t know were available. He hit the ground running with the Rapid Cash Strategies he acquired and, once he found his first couple deals, the floodgates opened and more opportunities started pouring in.

The Rapid Cash Program gave Wayne the tools he needs to creatively come to solutions. He primarily focuses on agreements for sale, which is his personal favourite because it’s not a cookie cutter strategy and can be used in many different ways.

According to Wayne, he doesn’t like to take more risks than needed and values the Rapid Cash Program’s community of creative investors who are always there to help. He doesn’t think he would have jumped into the Rapid Cash Program as a brand new investor without having this support, as well as the six-month coaching period the program provides.

Watch JG and Wayne’s full discussion on our Facebook page for real world, real life examples of Rapid Cash in Action! Learn more about how the program has helped take Wayne’s real estate investing to the next level and why it is now an integral part of his business model.

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