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A young couple who have only been investing in real estate for three years, Brian Chen and Nicky Tu currently hold five properties and are rising fast. Nicky, who was in web development, has already left her job to pursue real estate full time and while Brian still works in the transportation industry, they plan for him to follow suit in the future.

Real estate investing creates the opportunity to have greater control of one’s life, which is a major reason Brian and Nicky have chosen the real estate investing path. When Nicky came to Canada with her parents, she was still in school, but she can remember how hard her parents worked to save money. When her grandfather back in China got sick, Nicky took a part-time job after school to help contribute enough money so her mother could go visit him. And later, when he passed away, she remembers her mother not having enough money or vacation time left to travel back to China. While it was years ago, Nicky remembers it vividly, and decided all those years ago that she did not want anyone or anything to have that much control over her life.

 “I want to have the freedom; I want to have the finances to support me when
my family and friends need me the most.” – Nicky

Brian and Nicky are not afraid to work hard building their real estate wealth in order to achieve financial freedom. Brian has to balance a full time job with his real estate business, which often means early wake up calls and late nights, but he says that “when you look back a few years later it’s all worth it when you see what you’ve done to achieve your Belize.” Nicky treats her real estate investing like a business, which means a lot of hours, but she is more than willing to put in the hard work because it means she can live the life she wants.

Brian and Nicky focus on wholesaling, rent to owns, and joint ventures. They love to find win-win deals for all their clients, tenants, and investors. Networking is a key part of their strategy; they are part of four real estate investing groups, including REIN. They stress the importance of being part of a likeminded community – any time they are feeling down and they attend a REIN meeting and talk with other investors, it’s always a pick me up.

So far, because of the real estate wealth they’ve built, Nicky has been able to leave her job, they have some say in the amount of vacation time they take, and they have time to help junior investors get started. Right now Nicky and Brian working on acquiring a multi-family building this year, and are excited to continue to grow their real estate wealth.

When you listen to Brian and Nicky’s interview, you will discover:

  • How getting started investing in real estate early can help you
  • The importance of goal setting (and regularly reviewing progress)
  • That a few mistakes in the beginning do not mean you should give up
  • How real estate can provide you with greater control over your life
  • And more…

Hear Brian and Nicky’s full story:



 “Real estate is a lot of work, but it’s worth it – it works!” – Brian



Brian Chen and Nicky Tu are real estate investors from Pitt Meadows, BC. While they have only been investing in real estate for three years, this young couple have already carved out their niche and are excited to continue achieving their goals. Brian and Nicky have been receiving a lot of their real estate education through their REIN Membership for the past three years – find out if REIN Membership is right for you.



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