Reducing Your Largest Cost with Virtual Staging

One of the BIGGEST costs as a rental housing provider is vacancy. Depending on your market, vacancy can cost you 4, 8, 12 + percent of your revenue and that’s HUGE! Typically, vacancy is the difference between you being cash-flow positive or not…

You need to do whatever it takes to reduce that cost and we think we can help!

I recently enrolled JG Francoeur (Chief Growth Officer for REIN)  for help with one of our properties. We had it virtually staged and the results SHOCKED ME (look at the pictures below!)

The images are so much more engaging and stir up so many more ‘feel good’ emotions when they are virtually staged. Up until this point, this is something only JG did for his properties (and mine).

I was so thrilled with the results that I asked JG and his real estate company (Visture Property Group) to create something for REIN Members.

They put together an awesome turnkey service that is not only extremely affordable but will also help increase your inquiries by up to 300%!

I know what you’re thinking: “It might be cheaper for me to do it on my own.” Trust me, it won’t be! As I’ve mentioned many, many times, you need to treat your real estate as a business. You can’t do everything yourself. In fact, the untrained professional would probably take 4-5 hours to stage just one room and the hard cost of the software and everything else could easily exceed the price Visture put together -which is exclusive for REIN members (for now).

The great news is you only need to do this once! This is your asset and these pictures are yours forever. If you amortize the usage of these pictures of the life of the investment, it’s literally less than a penny a day!

This turnkey service (which will probably easily save you $5,000 to $10,000 of lost rent over the course of the units life) is first come first serve. The first people to sign up will get the fastest turnaround time so don’t delay and check it out.

All the instructions are right here, check it out.

Thanks for reading, hope this helps!

Patrick Francey

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