REIA Gary Waddleton: My Real Estate Investing Journey

Gary_Waddleton_blog.jpgBy Gary Waddleton

Where did you start and where are you now?

I started when I joined REIN in March of 2009 with no knowledge of real estate investing. After joining, I learned the correct path to invest, which was very important to me, and bought my first rental property. 

When I started out, I didn’t take immediate action, as I didn’t have that coaching accountability. Recently, I’ve been participating in the London Academy of Entrepreneurship’s business program for entrepreneurs. I’ve been a REIN member for seven years, where I developed a strong business acumen, confidence and clarity to be able to cut through and get to the heart of what matters most.

Why do you coach?

I love coaching because it gives me the opportunity to effectively empower, lead and motivate people to believe in their own abilities to build and grow financial plans through real estate investing by changing how they think and, in turn, changing how they live.  And so through coaching I actually get to enable people to either generate a yield, growth in their personal portfolio, or a blend of both.

What has investing in real estate provided you?

Investing in real estate has provided me with peace of mind, education, growth, and preservation of net worth. To watch students follow a detailed plan of action with weekly accountability is more rewarding than my own accomplishments.

The most impactful lesson I’ve learned is the true art of negotiating as a professional, a landlord and a family member.

Gary Waddleton is a Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA). For more information about him or the REIA program, click here.


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