REIN 2018: The Future Looks Bright


By Patrick Francey

As I reviewed my calendar recently, the reality of it hit me: there are just a few weeks left in 2017! I guess when you’re busy, time really does fly, because the past 12 months have been very full for me. The year has been filled with meetings with great people (including some of my favourite people—REIN members like you), increased activity on my real estate portfolio, various tasks related to growing my businesses, and, of course, many activities with family and friends, which is what brings the most joy to my life. 

Here at REIN, the team spends as much time mapping our future as we do working in the moment. Everyone works at answering our most important question: What more can we do to be the most effective resource of support, guidance, leadership, and opportunities for REIN members to help them reach their real estate investing goals and financial dreams? The future of REIN and our community of members is a reflection of the answers to that foundational question. In answering it, we are helping our members create financial certainty by design.

While there is much to do, and we’re excited about serving members better, it is at times like this that I can’t help but reflect on the many things REIN accomplished in the past year. My thoughts go to the terrific events we held, the strategic relationships we developed, and the wonderful people we met. By far the most gratifying feeling is the one that comes from witnessing and hear the amazing advances our members have made in their businesses and in their lives. From stories of new homes and new babies to pictures shared and tales told of world travel, few things make us prouder than seeing and hearing the accomplishments of members enjoying the journey to achieving their Belize.

But, as I reflect, I can’t help but ask myself again, what more can we do? How can we improve? How can we inspire, educate, guide, lead, and make the possibility of financial freedom by design a reality for our members? This is when I begin to look forward to some of what we have planned for 2018.

  • Growing and expanding the REIN community is one of our most important objectives. From the many successful W.I.N. (What’s Important Now) meetings we hold across Canada to the newly introduced member-referral program, these initiatives grow the community and allow us to leverage relationships that support our members in achieving their goals. In 2018, we look forward to not only expanding on these programs but also bringing forward new ones.
  • As always, we encourage members to invite guests to attend our regular member meetings. For these guests, we offer an invaluable opportunity to understand real estate as a business and how the REIN community can support their investing goals. For members, it is a way to introduce and engage their family, friends, and potential joint venture partners in the conversation of real estate investing.
  • We remain committed to being your source for the economic research and analysis you need to make your buying and selling decisions. REIN’s very own senior analyst, Don R. Campbell, continues to work closely with the REIN research team to meet your needs. To that end, in November 2017 we released both the Top 10 Alberta Town and Cities and Top 10 BC Town and Cities reports. Jennifer Hunt, one of the REIN executive management team, has led the way in taking our research to the next level for REIN members. You can look forward to seeing and hearing more from both Don and Jennifer as they deliver more research and analysis reports.
  • The REIN Engage segments that were introduced in 2017 as part of our regular member meetings will continue and expand. These interactive sessions have proven to support your learning, stretched the comfort zones of many of you, and, most importantly, created opportunities for you to meet and get to know other members in the community. We believe your net worth is at least a partial reflection of your network! 

NEW for 2018:

We have a number of products and services to share with you that are coming onstream.

REIN Buyers Group

The REIN Buyers Group is an exclusive portal for member-only access to nationwide real estate investment opportunities. The REIN team has been diligently working on this initiative for several months, and you can look forward to hearing much more about what we have in store for you. For now, let me assure you that REIN isn’t diverging from our primary focus of investor education to selling or presenting real estate deals. Taking action is paramount to achieving financial goals, and the REIN Buyers Group is intended to be a resource to help you find opportunities that align with your financial goals. We believe this initiative will be unparalleled in the industry, and we look forward to rolling it out 2018.

The Authentic Canadian Real Estate (ACRE) System

The foundational Authentic Canadian Real Estate (ACRE) system unlocks the secrets behind profitable real estate investing. Four times a year, REIN members and special guests gather for three days of the most intensive, in-depth, and important real estate investing discussions with the purpose of investigating and expanding the ACRE system. The system is being renewed and refreshed to stay current with developments in the investment industry.

As our research is multi-dimensional (local, regional, and national) REIN members have been able to seize opportunities to invest in real estate to the tune of $5 billion in holdings.

The most recent ACRE events tested new learning methodology and expanded concepts. For 2018, you can expect to find the same great commitment to excellence and a full calendar of topics at every ACRE Live event, where you will learn:

  • How to spot both overpriced and underpriced markets
  • How to know (before it even happens) if a town will boom or bust
  • How even a novice investor can accurately analyze any property
  • How you can decide in 30 seconds or less if a property has profit potential or not
  • The 18 secrets to street-smart negotiations (and how to use these secrets to get the deal you want)
  • The seven proven strategies to get the bank to say “yes” to your deals
  • How to get your offer accepted in today’s super-competitive market
  • The Cash Flow Zone Formula to determine if a property delivers positive cash flow
  • The single-most important step for an overachieving real estate investor
  • And much more …

In 2018, we will be back in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Vancouver. As soon as we finalize the dates and locations, we will be sure to let you know. 

More Services, Benefits, and Access for Members

One of the many positive items of feedback I get from members involves access to our library of real estate investment resources. Everyone on the REIN team is very proud of the time and effort we invest into building these resources, and we’re happy that so many members count on their access to them for the very best data and unbiased analysis. That said, we will continue to improve not only those resources but also expand the additional benefits and services we provide to our members.

I am sure you can appreciate that it takes time to negotiate great new offers, promotions, and goodies for our members. You will be pleased to see the announcements we’ll be making in the coming weeks and months, so make certain you keep an eye on your email Inbox for special news (as well as regular updates on all the activities brought to you by REIN).

To sum up, while we are proud of all the services we offer members, we promise not to rest on our laurels. We strive every day to develop more and better information, improved delivery mechanisms, and outstanding real estate investment systems and news. 2017 was the twenty-fifth anniversary for REIN, and 2018 is shaping up to be our best year ever. Thank you for your membership in and your contribution to the Real Estate Investment Network.


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