REIN Member Spotlight: Barry McGuire

A long-time lawyer and REIN member, Barry McGuire is immersed in real estate full time. If he isn’t doing the legal side, he is coaching, teaching and mentoring other real estate investors.

Barry has been to over 70 A.C.R.E events and is excited to be taking the stage at A.C.R.E Investor Summit: Your Jumpstart to Wealth in Edmonton on September 27-29. He continues to attend A.C.R.E year after year because there is always something new and interesting going on, and he never fails to walk away with innovative nuggets of information he can apply in his legal practice or use to help his clients.

According to Barry, if you show up to A.C.R.E and listen, interact and have a positive attitude, you’ll come out with all of the support tools, information, education and networking you need to be a successful investor.

To learn more about why you can’t miss this year’s A.C.R.E and to find out Barry’s biggest takeaways from the event, click here to watch his latest interview with REIN CEO Patrick Francey.

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