REIN Member Spotlight: Domenic Mandato

Over the last 18 years, InvestPlus REIT President and CEO Domenic Mandato has successfully acquired, managed and sold more than $80 million multi-unit residential and commercial properties in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

Domenic is a long-time REIN member and one of the keynote speakers at our upcoming A.C.R.E Investor Summit: Your Jumpstart to Wealth Edmonton. REIN’s exclusive resources – including our A.C.R.E events – have guided him to achieve his real estate investing goals and create financial freedom by design.

Domenic recently chatted with REIN CGO JG Francoeur via Facebook Live about Multi-Family Investing and Negotiations, which he will be digging into at A.C.R.E Investor Summit. Click here to watch the full video now!

To learn more about why you can’t miss A.C.R.E Investor Summit, check out Domenic’s guest blog post:

A.C.R.E provided me with all the knowledge I needed to not only get started in Real Estate but to also learn from the mistakes typically made from long time investors. Those tips saved me thousands of dollars. I’ve been to several real estate conferences in the past but none of them gave me the level of detail and step by step processes to acquire, manage and sell our properties.  

Having been a member for over 15 years, I get asked what do you get out of if after having transacted over $80M in real estate. It’s the network, the knowledge and ability to get the information needed to not only get started but to continue growing your business. Speaking of business, that’s what REIN and A.C.R.E teaches you; how to grow and run a successful business.  That’s the bonus, you get more than you pay for. Really there’s no reason for anyone to come away from a weekend at A.C.R.E and feel they don’t have enough information to get started.  

As we all know times are changing and getting to know the latest changes in the real estate game is critical. As the economy changes, you have to adapt and REIN shares the latest trends in terms of where to buy, what to look out for and how to win the real estate game. What value would you put on that? It’s certainly worth the cost of a weekend that can change the rest of your life and the life of your family. 

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