Watch Now: Why REITs Are a Great Alternative Investment Strategy


As real estate investors, many of us wonder where else we can invest capital that puts our money to work for us. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a great alternative investment strategy that could be an excellent option for you.

InvestPlus REIT Founder & President Domenic Mandato – a highly experienced investor and long-time REIN member – recently met with REIN CEO Patrick Francey & CGO JG Francoeur to discuss how REITs work, what you need to do and more. 

Take a sneak peak at their discussion:

  • If you have a REIT, you must have the ability to redeem investors.
  • REITs are a tax-efficient way to invest because they allow investors to recuperate some of their initial principal without having to pay taxes. They provide the ability to offset the operating costs of a building and flow them to the investor.
  • A REIT can accept registered funds.
  • A REIT requires a board of trustees, which means you have a group of people who are there to monitor what’s in the best interest of the investors.
  • REITs require that 90% of all distributable cash is given to the investors.

If you want to learn more, watch the full video now!

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