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If there’s anything that is standing in your way of getting more of what you want in your life, I would invite people to examine their brand. It’s playing into it whether they realize it or not.” – Cindy McGovern

Special Guest: Cindy McGovern

Dr. Cindy McGovern is the founder of Orange Leaf Consulting, which helps organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals create dynamic and robust sales processes.

Before launching her business, Cindy was a college professor of communication as well as a successful sales professional. She has worked with hundreds of organizations of all sizes and specialties across the globe and is now one of the most sought-after business and sales authorities.

Known in the business and sales community as “the First Lady of Sales” Dr. Cindy shares insights, revelations, and real examples to demonstrate the power of our brand and how we sell ourselves all the time whether we realize we’re doing it or not. The empowerment comes when we take an honest inventory of what our superpowers are (and are not!), decide to choose how we want to show up and step into our individual brand. Cindy dives into the opportunities available to seize in our rapidly changing landscape, both in business and in the personal transitions we desire to make. “No sale ever happens without trust.” At the core of her message Dr. Cindy underscores the need to show up authentically and in alignment with our values, take responsibility for the legacy we desire to leave, and fully embody the brand we stand for.

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