Simplicity in Success

“I’ve felt like I’ve always chased for 20 years—trying to get somewhere. And now I feel like I actually AM somewhere, to enjoy that bit while I’m within it. Because you don’t know how long it could last. Tomorrow, anything could happen.”
Gary Spencer-Smith

After visiting family in Canada when he was a teenager, UK-born-and-raised Gary Spencer-Smith knew he would one day call this country home. After serving in the Royal Navy for 11 years, working for Naval intelligence, and becoming a weapons system engineer, Gary pursued his childhood dream and immigrated to Canada where he started his own companies: West Coast SLAM and RevNyou. 

Gary’s Canadian real estate investing journey began with the purchase of his first home on Vancouver Island and soon after, his first rental property. Becoming a Real Estate Investment Network Member and committing to ACRE, the proven systems, and the community is what elevated Gary’s real estate investing game. The methodology and authenticity Gary experienced propelled him to use the information to fuel his action, which now consists of a large real estate portfolio including single-family suited homes, commercial buildings, and his latest venture: a waterfront resort on Sproat Lake with rental cabins, houses, houseboats, a pub, and restaurant. 

On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Gary emphasizes the importance and simplicity of planning: having direction and knowing what the next steps will be but realizing that everything may change, and “the plan” will likely look different than initially imagined. Owning a resort and multiple businesses, Gary shares how the current global situation affected him and the pivots he made to get through the challenges.  

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