Your Questions Answered: Strategies, Opportunities & Solutions to Persevere and Profit




In tough economic times, like the ones currently hitting Alberta and rippling through the rest of Canada, it’s especially important to understand three key things:

1. What do you want?

2. When you do you want it?

3. How badly do you want it?

Being a real estate investor is about more than just making ends meet. It’s about wanting MORE than enough and MORE for generations to come. To create more opportunity, more money, more income and more net worth, you have to work for it and know HOW to work for it.

REIN’s goal is and always has been to support real estate investors in growing their portfolios. In their latest discussion, REIN CEO Patrick Francey and REIN President Richard Dolan engage and answer questions about thriving as a real estate investor in a slow economy.

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Patrick and Richard are experienced investors who have been through downturns before and understand the economic fundamentals of our country and provinces. They discuss REIN’s upcoming  Real Estate Strategies, Opportunities & Solutions event – which is designed to address the issue of what’s going on in the Alberta market today – and how it will help you move forward as an investor and connect with like-minded individuals.

Watch Patrick and Richard’s FULL video now:

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