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“People talk about millennials being lazy, and there’s definitely lazy millennials out there but there’s lots of not lazy millennials. It really comes down to the choices they make. A lot of it for me is about execution. Ideas are not the problem, it’s execution. It’s about the time to execute on the ideas we already have.”
-Nev Lapwood

In 2007 Nev started his business, Snowboard Addiction, with a few PDF manuals and some low-quality videos teaching people how to snowboard through the Internet. The content and quality rapidly expanded to reach snowboarders around the world. Through coaching and producing tutorials, he found the need for snowboard training equipment to bridge the gap between training, watching tutorials at home and putting tricks down on snow.

In 2015 Nev appeared on the hit Canadian TV show Dragons Den, where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to investors. He was offered deals from 4 of the 5 dragons. After 12 years of growth and progression, Snowboard Addiction is the world leader in snowboard training equipment and snowboard tutorials. Being an online-based business, Snowboard Addiction has been able to scale the business with a very small team of staff and reach customers globally. They now also produce ski training equipment under the name Ski Addiction.

In addition to Snowboard Addiction, Nev is an avid investor with interests in real estate, restaurants, other businesses and the stock market.

Nev lives in Whistler, Canada with his wife Bex and their 2 mini snowboarders Brynn and Jaxx. He is the CEO of Snowboard Addiction and Ski Addiction and snowboards every powder day. He continues to star in most of the tutorials which are watched by millions of snowboarders worldwide.
On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Nev discusses his journey from New Zealand to Canada and carving a path as a snowboarder (which meant all decisions were based around more snowboarding.) He talks about his business beginnings, his real estate investing business strategy and his fortunate timing investing in a good market. Nev also shares his experience and perspective on millennials, explains who and what led him to join REIN, and more!

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