Stuart MacPherson: From Government Employee to Real Estate Coach


stuart_macpherson_blog-1.pngBy Stuart MacPherson

The idea of helping others comes easily to me, and the ability to act as a coach to lead others to improve their performance and achieve greater things is a strong motivation.  Throughout my career in the federal public service, I frequently acted as a coach and mentor to many people, so after I retired fromthe government and became active in real estate investing, it was natural to continue to help people. 

I always enjoy working with someone and seeing the possibilities open up for them as they talk through their issues, concerns, and sometimes their fears that are holding them back, and then together we develop solutions and plans to move forward. 

In my role as a coach, I see my responsibility as helping people to become more than they thought they could be, and to achieve more than they thought they might achieve.  My favourite description of the difference between a friend and a mentor is that a friend likes you the way that you are, while a mentor likes you the way that you could be.  While I enjoy establishing friendships with the people I work with, I think my ability to mentor them and lead them to greater rewards is even more valuable.

Stuart MacPherson is a Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA) and loves to help other people achieve their dreams through real estate investing. Read more about Stuart, or the REIA program here.


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