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“If you’re going to put the effort into buying a business, you might as well put the effort into buying a larger business that runs under management so you can still go on holiday and you can enjoy the money that the business makes rather than having to turn up every day.” – Jonathan Jay

Special Guest: Jonathan Jay

Jonathan Jay has been an entrepreneur since dropping out of university at age 19. Now 50 years old, he has built businesses in publishing, digital marketing, adult education and coaching, and preschool education and sold each of them.

During the pandemic, he made 48 business acquisitions to create the 4th largest group in his sector in under three years. One notable deal was buying a £5m annual revenue digital marketing company from its Private Equity owner for just £1 and selling it for £1.3m just eleven months later.

Jonathan is an advocate of a healthy work-life balance, suffering mental and physical burnout, and believes you can achieve success without business taking over your life! He now helps other people buy businesses and helps them avoid the expensive mistakes – as he says he has made them all!

Listen to this episode as Jonathan speaks about the dynamics of buying a business both from a seller and a buyer’s perspective, the importance of being replaceable, a tried-and-true method of finding motivated sellers and creating opportunities for everyone to benefit. Jonathan observes that with equal or sometimes less effort, buying a larger business creates a better all-around value. While not always the “easy” path, Jonathan is still fired up about what he does, and believes that establishing a strong community that elevates our experience allows everyone to achieve their desired success.

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