Going Shopping” & The Gift That Keeps on Giving!”


REIN CGO JG Francoeur recently chatted with veteran real estate investor, REIN member and LEGACY Real Estate Investment Advisor Deanna Boyden about why RIGHT NOW is the best time to “GO SHOPPING” in Alberta AND the importance of taking care of your clients/tenants.

ACRE Toronto Quote Cards_3It’s no secret that Alberta is facing challenges with the economy and that our neighbours are hurting. While markets are cyclical and this phase won’t last forever, Deanna doesn’t believe in calling the phases of the market “good” or “bad.” She believes it’s about modifying and adapting your strategies based on the cycle. According to Deanna, it’s all just part of the real estate “game.”

Deanna and JG also discussed how your property is your investment and your clients/tenants are a partner helping to look after that investment. In Calgary, your long-time tenants are currently paying more than they would in today’s market and it’s especially important to retain them. Deanna and JG suggest small gestures like giving them a gift card to a home improvement store or bringing them a plant. You need to look at the big picture – these small touches are the gift that keeps on giving because that money goes back into your property!

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