The Intersection of Intellect & Heart

I big time care. Early on I realized the way to make something happen is by looking for those win-win opportunities as much as possible. “
-Kunal Mohindra

From India to Canada in 2009, Kunal Mohindra’s mantra as a student was to maximize his education to give himself a kick-start. With a master’s degree in Pharmacy, he landed a stable job and started exploring the possibilities of entrepreneurship with his wife who was expecting their first child.

An accomplished real estate investor and valued REIN Member, showing up within the strong community and culture of REIN has helped Kunal grow and stretch beyond the label of “introvert” in order to be of service to others.

On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Kunal talks about what motivated his pursuit beyond his stable job towards real estate investing & entrepreneurial side hustles, and the evolution of his strategy within his business of real estate investing. He shares a bit about his upbringing, his introduction to Canada by way of Halifax, and some of the culture shock he encountered. Kunal also discusses his approach to life goals & achievements, offers his insights on self-discipline and developing a strong command of language in order to achieve the success you desire, and more!

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