Mindset Matters: The Paradox of Loss

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 “Why the conversation about mindset and why is it important? It’s not just about success, it’s not about getting shit done, it’s not about being uber successful in business or in life. It’s really how we approach business, how we approach life. It’s actually all about us and how we view the world.” 

– Patrick Francey

Mindset Matters: The Paradox of Loss

How does one deal with loss? The loss of a loved one, a job, a business deal, a financial loss, the loss of identity? Sadly, the data shows that many simply don’t. Alcohol and drug abuse are at an all-time high, as are suicide, divorce, and family violence. Is this a phenomenon driven by loss? We really don’t know, but chances are that given how many are feeling – a sense of loss, real or perceived, likely plays a part. Join Patrick and Steffany as they open the conversation about the other side of loss which in this discussion considers the question of what we gain from a loss.

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