The Positive Power of Wealth & The Inner Work of Money

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“We all have a story around money, we all have a relationship to it, and whether it is healthy and conscious and clear or totally submerged in unconscious, is really up to how we were raised, what we absorbed from the messages around us and then how much of our own work we’ve done around it.” – Kristin Keffeler

Special Guest: Kristin Keffeler

Kristin Keffeler, MSM, MAPP is a thought leader, speaker, and consultant at the forefront of a global shift in family wealth advising, known as Wealth 3.0. She guides affluent and enterprising families, their rising generation, and the professionals who support them in embracing the positive power of wealth and doing the “inner work of money.” 

As the founder of Illumination360 and the Chief Learning Officer for the Denver-based Johnson Financial Group, she specializes in human motivation and behavioral change, family dynamics, family governance, rising gen education and development, and intergenerational collaboration. Drawing upon her life experience as the daughter of wealth-creating parents and her years of research and private practice advising and coaching the rising generation in affluent and enterprising families, Kristin believes that members of the rising gen are uniquely positioned to create significant impact in the world and uses a lens of strengths to help them to ignite their potential.

Kristin lives in Boulder County, Colorado where she rides her bike, hugs her daughters, laughs with her husband, and works side-by-side with her dog, Olive.

Listen in to this dynamic conversation as Kristin shares both the unique perspective of her own life experience alongside the insights and perspectives she has gained through her research and consulting work. Kristin discusses the issues of our relationship with money which she calls money clutter and the entanglement that rides shotgun: identity and relationship clutter. Learn what “doing the work” looked like for Kristin to improve her own relationship with money and the positive impact she is having with her new book The Myth of the Silver Spoon, Navigating Family Wealth and Creating an Impactful Life.

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