TEDM Special Edition – Barry C. McGuire – Real Estate Strategies for Every Market

The latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast is now online!

“There are always opportunities, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world, for creative strategies.” – Barry McGuire

Special Guest: Barry McGuire

Barry McGuire is a veteran real estate lawyer, who has been in practice for over 47 years of which 44 years have been focused exclusively on real estate.

Barry started investing in real estate more than 48 years ago, and he walks his talk. Barry speaks to many groups, including the 3,000+ member Real Estate Investment Network (REIN). His popular ‘Tales From The Trenches’, real-life stories of investor legal land mines, teach through example. Barry hosts a weekly educational series in his Facebook group, ‘Barry McGuire’s Creative Real Estate Education’, also found on YouTube.

Barry is co-author of ‘97 Tips For Canadian Real Estate Investors’, a book that provides insights, strategies and success stories to help you build wealth faster and save time and money. All proceeds are donated to Habitat For Humanity.

In this special edition episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Barry and Patrick were inspired to reach out and help investors who are stepping away from the real estate market in confusion from an uncertain economic climate. With their intention to expand our view of real estate strategies and open the door to possibilities, Barry and Patrick offer one certainty – education is essential. Listen in and learn about three win-win creative strategies and programs designed to equip you both for-profit and to be a solution provider in any market.

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