The Response is Everything

“Adversity = life. It’s the most timeless, universal facet of our journey.”
Dr. Paul Stoltz

Grit isn’t only about facing and overcoming huge challenges in our lives. Sometimes, it’s about facing the hour-to-hour reality of working at home with your whole family in self-isolation, job loss, or caring for a sick loved one. The work is in mastering our core response, particularly as a role model for our family. 

When things go wrong, what we say, do, and how we show up impacts our relationship with ourselves and those around us. Paul explains that measuring how we respond to and deal with adversity, and measurably improving, rewiring, and strengthening it, better supports every interaction in our lives. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Paul shares an unimaginable statistic as it relates to the importance of the quality vs quantity of grit. He discusses how our adversity quotient is generally determined—nature vs nurture—and offers a simple test for those who have never explored their response to adversity.  

Bonus: You’ll also learn a few new physical distancing terms to add to your vocabulary! 

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