The Rise, Fall and Comeback of the Toronto Real Estate Assembly King!

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When I look at it in hindsight, all the little things I did along the way, made me capable of doing what I do now. It might look like it’s easy, but it took 30 years to make it look easy.” – Darryl Frankfort

Special Guest: Darryl Frankfort

Darryl Frankfort has been in and around Real Estate for the past 28 years. 

In 1995 Darryl started working for a very large and prominent lumber and construction material supplier in Toronto. While there, Darryl was in charge of 40 framing crews and co-ordinated the construction of 2000+ homes per year for other developers. As well Darryl was in charge of 20 finish carpentry crews and co-ordinated the finishes on over 500 homes per year for other developers. 

In 2002 Darryl became a partner in a 100,000 square foot Furniture warehouse and showroom. Darryl started the builder program which sold furniture to builders for they’re Model Homes/Suites and Decor centers. Darryl also started an importing company that resold its furniture products to non-competing furniture stores in Canada and the United States. 

In 2006 Darryl purchased his first property to develop. He built a multi-million dollar home in a wealthy neighborhood in Toronto. In 2008 Darryl purchased 2 more properties in the same area. Along with his wife Kayla who is an interior designer they garnered a lot of attention from potential clients who wanted them to Design and  build them their homes.  Darryl decided to be a Custom Home Builder for hire and built approximately 6-8 homes per year. Darryl’s construction company was the first company to advertise in local fashion and design magazines, which was a brilliant marketing plan and they received very much attention from this.  

In 2016 Darryl switched focus to larger development projects.   Darryl has worked on some very large deals to date. Since the beginning of 2016 Darryl has originated over $350 million dollars worth of real estate land transactions. Darryl is especially good at putting together property assemblies. 

Since 2020 Darryl has been one of the Co-Hosts of The Canadian Real Estate Show. 

In this episode, Darryl recounts his adventures and turns in real estate, both in the construction and the development world, including the pitfalls and lessons he took on full charge. Darryl‘s entrepreneurial spirit started at a young age and while he dipped into other ventures along the way, real estate was the consistent attraction that allowed him to exercise his imagination and inspire his creativity. Patrick and Darryl riff on the current political, economic, and social realities of the world, the fascinating connections available through social media, and the YouTube sensation (self-proclaimed or not!) that is The Canadian Real Estate Show.

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