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“Winning is received at the end, but it’s really conceived in the beginning, in the mind, when you first think of it. So many people do not believe or have the mindset to believe that they can win. Winning is really a decision.” – Daphne Jones

Special Guest: Daphne Jones

Daphne E. Jones has 30+ years of experience in general management and executive level roles at IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Hospira, and General Electric but began her career, as a secretary. 

At GE, she served as SVP for Future of Work, SVP & CIO for Product Engineering, Imaging, and Ultrasound, and as Senior Executive & CIO for Global Services, all of which composed a $13 billion segment of GE Healthcare. 

Jones serves on the board of directors for AMN Healthcare, Inc., Barnes Group Inc., and Masonite International Corp, and is the recipient of numerous domestic and international awards. She recently started a company that teaches leaders how to prepare to serve on boards.

On the ill-judged recommendation from her high school guidance counselor, Daphne completed secretarial school, which led to a job and an epiphany: the only difference between where she was at and her boss was at, was that he went to college. So, she resolved to instead follow the advice of her mother and followed a path of education from bachelor’s degree to MBA. Along the journey of her life Daphne looked to vindicate the limits others imposed on her and cultivated a great deal of wisdom along the way.

Daphne talks with Patrick about her new book “Win When They Say You Won’t”. She explains the driver behind choosing to write it, and the messages she felt compelled to share more expansively. Embedded in the lessons of creating our vision, leveling up, and adding value, are Daphne’s concepts of “mindset, toolset, skillset” to provide us with a lifelong framework to win. Daphne explains the attitude behind “how you look at the problem is the problem” and the gifts of strengthened clarity and focus that she gained through adversity.

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