The Self-Funding House, Rebuilding the Dream Home of Ownership

The latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast is now online!

“To own a home today, if you’re an average millennial with parents of average income, you have to become a landlord.”– Derek Lobo

Special Guest: Derek Lobo

Derek Lobo is the founder and CEO of SVN Canada, and for over 30 years has worked in the multi-family and student housing development and ownership arena.

Derek is no stranger to The Everyday Millionaire Podcast airwaves and on this, his third episode, Derek is here with a purpose! Upon reflection on what significant contribution he could make, Derek considered the biggest problems he feels people currently face. To him, it is the foundational need for, and lack of affordable housing. So, a big problem needs a radical solution! His new book, the first in a series of a three, addresses just that.

“The Self Funding House” book first focuses on a mindset shift. To own a home today, if you’re an average young person whose parents have an average income, you must become a landlord. Listen in as Derek and Patrick discuss this long-standing and valuable strategy. From resiliency and breathing room for the ever-increasing cost of living, to being the solution for affordable rentals and having a built-in “trade-up” for the future. Real estate in a long game, and Derek’s book is a great contribution to support anyone who wants to get into that game.

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