The Tao of Trading

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“If people approached trading the same way they would a job – you show up, you be consistent, you do a good job – there is a strong expectation that you’re going to get a regular paycheque from the market. – Simon Ree

Special Guest: Simon Ree

Simon Ree is the author of the #1 best-selling book The Tao of Trading and the founder of He has three decades of experience in the financial markets, having previously held senior positions at Goldman Sachs and Citi.

Simon’s vision is to help people live more creative, joyful and inspired lives by alleviating the burden of financial stress that weighs so many people down. His mission is to revolutionize the way finance is taught by shattering longheld myths that have been perpetuated by Wall Street.

In this episode, Simon talks about his book The Tao of Trading, how he decided on the title, and his desire to create a robust resource with not only practical tactics, but also mindset, emotional control, and risk management strategies, all of which are fundamental to the trading environment. Have a listen as Simon busts a myth or two, offers his outlook and guidance around trading and economies, and shares one of his most rewarding experiences, his passion for teaching others.

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