The Value of Diverse Perspective for an Enriched Life

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“I’m ready to work hard, I research, learn, keep my ears open, try to leverage what’s around me and work towards a goal. Those would be the skillsets that have served me really well over the years and the many different pivots that I’ve had over time.” – Colleen Matthews

Special Guest: Colleen Matthews

Colleen is a real estate investor and financial professional with over 25 years of experience.  She launched her career with PwC in Calgary and then moved to the Cayman Islands where she worked for 12 years in the hedge fund industry.  

As a lifelong learner she earned her CFA designation in 2000 and continues to relentlessly pursue knowledge.  She returned to Canada in 2008 to raise her growing family and shift her professional attention to real estate investment.  Colleen believes financial education is essential knowledge that everyone should have access to.

In this episode, Colleen shares how her lifelong curiousity to explore, learn, and experience diverse perspectives brought her from Alberta to the Cayman Islands and back, with a few stops and lot of stories in between. Listen in as Colleen and Patrick have an engaging and authentic conversation about the intentionality of cultivating an empowering community and environment, the value of embracing conversations about money as a family, financial literacy and life skills, and of course, real estate.

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