The Way Forward

“Everybody needs to keep feeding their minds and bodies healthfully and continue to be conscious of what’s going on in the world. Anybody who is afraid of technology is done.” 
Dr. Sherry Cooper

The conversation around economics and the COVID-19 crisis continues, and Dr. Sherry Cooper has no shortage of insightful data and information about all things economics, interest rates, and embracing changes and opportunities. Add to that the future of housing and rental markets and how things will change with lenders and the big-six banks and you’ve got a full, robust picture of the country’s current economic situation. 

There is power in the “pivot”—the necessary shift required in these times. It illuminates great opportunities for innovation and growth, as well as the reality that even the most successful businesses could not have planned for a multi-month shutdown. Critical thinking is essential now. You need to decide where and how you want to show up within these difficult times—both professionally and personally. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Sherry shares her perspective on the “economic comma,” and what the next few years might look like for the economy, including the positive shifts the industry is making. Sherry also provides some positive stats that typically get lost in the mix of aggregate data, including her outlook for emerging graduates and the future of renters vs homeowners, and city-dwelling vs wide open spaces. 

Additionally, Sherry offers guidance for women who choose to work in a world and industry traditionally dominated by men and how fundamentally her views are based on her value system—there is no room for compromising ethics or integrity. 

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