The Way of the Mindful Warrior

“Pursuing happiness is kind of a moving target and even if you try to pursue it, you’re not guaranteed to get it all the time. But if you make a life that is meaningful, and you pursue meaning, happiness will ensue at times when you’re doing things, when the conditions in the outside world allow it to.”
Terrie Schauer

Terrie Schauer has been a real estate investor and property manager for over 20 years. After working in several of Canada’s major markets, as well as internationally, Terrie has come to see real estate investing not as a competition, but rather as a path to financial freedom. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, along with her skills and systematic way of thinking, she went from being the house manager in university to a rental property provider, reinventing herself as the “Mindful Landlord.” 

Eventually, Terrie moved from Quebec to Marseilles, France to pursue her dream in semi-professional kickboxing. The effort and work needed to achieve the level of success she desired required a shift in her mindset from the ground up. This shift rippled out into all aspects of her life and it changed how she showed up in the world. Now, Terrie is a coach for real estate investing and martial arts, with most of her clients being female athletes who want to elevate their game. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Terrie reveals the two pivotal influences that steered her toward pursuing real estate and property management and provides insights into the landscape of Quebec’s rental market.  

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