The Winning Daly Plan

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The reality is, if you can control certain things inside of you, you don’t have to worry about anything external to you and I’ve proven that to myself in my business. It’s all about personal growth. The more I breathe, study, meditate on, open my heart to, experiment with, the more I become, the more I can give, and then the more I receive. – Kim Daly

Special Guest: Kim Daly

For the past 20 years Kim Daly has been helping people realize their dreams of business ownership through franchising. While helping thousands of other people to live their dreams of business ownership, she has been living her own. Today, she is recognized as one of America’s top franchise consultants. She is an international best-selling co-author of Franchising Freedom and the founder and host of Before becoming a franchise consultant, she was an entrepreneur and highly sought-after consultant in the health and fitness industry working with brands such as Denise Austin, Dr. Denis Waitley, Gold’s Gym and eDiets. com. She is the creator of “The Daly Plan” – a millionaire mindset coaching program that enabled her to build the largest franchise consulting business in the history of franchise consulting in 2012. Kim aspires to be the most influential and motivational voice in the franchise industry. In addition to all of that, Kim is also a mom of two teenage boys, she loves to workout and ski, lives on the beach in southern New Hampshire and is passionate about fitness and nutrition.

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