She Breaks Through

“Who are you NOT to be who you are? If a girl like me who came to Canada with five dollars in her pocket can do this, why can’t you?”

Thembi Bheka is the founder of She Breaks Thru. She believes in helping women reignite their passion, gain more clarity, and reconnect with their bigger purpose. Thembi is heavily involved in empowering women in Africa. As a result, she trains African women to work online as virtual assistants. She is on a mission to empower 1 million women by 2025, so money is never a reason a woman is stuck in an abusive relationship.

Thembi was voted the Launch Club (Jeff Walker’s community) Spokesperson for the year by 1000 entrepreneurs. Thembi has inspired others at live events including PLF Live 2019, LaunchCon 2018, REIN, African High Tea, and the upcoming Inbound 2019.

She has been featured on top-rated podcasts including Cashflow Ninja and Her Success Radio that have also featured top entrepreneurs that include Kim Kiyosaki, Kevin Harrington, Ali Brown and Marie Forleo, to name a few.

Thembi is also an active real estate investor who has gained clarity, confidence and knowledge through her membership with the community of REIN. Using several strategies including buy and hold, agreements for sale and rent to own, Thembi has built a successful portfolio that has provided a solid foundation for building on her passion: helping others and empowering women.

When Thembi isn’t busy helping women reconnect with their passion and grow their businesses, she enjoys spending time with her two children and traveling on road trips. She also is a volunteer with Kelowna Community Resources- a government organization that helps new immigrants settle in Canada. Thembi lives between beautiful Kelowna, Canada, and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Thembi shares her story of why she came to Canada from Zimbabwe, and how the REIN community gave her the push she needed to make an impact on other people’s lives through coaching, mentoring and giving back. She also discusses the importance of investing in self-discovery and leadership in an intentional way in order to overcome challenges, the power of surrounding ourselves with the right people to make a difference in our lives, and MORE!

Click here to listen to REIN CEO Patrick Francey’s full podcast interview with Thembi.

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