Thriving in Uncertainty

“Stay in traffic. We are in a very changing world. Solicit other peoples’ opinions; people older than you, younger than you, smarter than you, whatever it is. Stay in traffic and pay attention to what’s going on.” 

Derek Lobo

Derek Lobo, a self-titled “Apartment Schlep,” has worked extensively in the apartment and student housing industry across Canada and the United States, advising clients on all aspects of apartment ownership and development ranging from feasibility analysis, financial modelling, design and construction, asset management and leasing to dispositions and brokerage. With this knowledge in the industry, Derek illustrates the importance of liquidity and clear advance directives in the realm of large-scale real estate holdings or developments. 

Derek’s outlook of our economic world through his apartment-sector lens is informed by his keen observations. Emotions, low-interest rates—that must remain low—along with resident, investor, and developer demand is thriving. Derek offers insight into the viability of commercial and retail spaces within the reality of a new global outlook. With the mountain of uncertainty that exists and a lack of strong leadership, nobody knows how it will play out. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Derek shares more about the types of deals he’s doing, what his specific goal is when he starts each day, and offers his perspective on showing up amidst the ups and downs of brokering deals. He reveals the best places to invest—which are sure to surprise you! —and offers a profound nugget of wisdom. 

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