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“Sometimes people ask if I am happy or satisfied with what I’ve done, and I think the answer is “never.” I will never be satisfied because there’s always another horizon; there’s always another person out there that’s struggling.”

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

Despite growing up with learning difficulties that made everything a bit more challenging, Barbara discovered strengths she could lean on to get through every day, including school. It wasn’t easy. A tremendous amount of work, tenacity, and drive was required of Barbara every single day. 

With the wisdom from her father and the insight from a book, Barbara worked tirelessly to change the fundamental function of her brain and force it to process relationships. Through this work, she had her first breakthrough: there was human neuroplasticity. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Barbara shares how she used herself as a guinea pig to create a new exercise to successfully overcome her challenges and the mental workouts she designed to help her brain. Barbara takes us down her entrepreneurial path which manifested first as Arrowsmith School then expanded to partnerships with existing schools to train teachers in her work and further discusses the findings of some of her research with connectivity in the brain. 

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