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“I think that grind and that process of those real estate meetings late at night after a full day of work and making that trek to Edmonton, that’s the stuff that I think people don’t see in the business. They see we raise these deals; we raise $500,000 for a deal; they don’t know what it took for those clients to trust us with their money and understand what we do enough to believe in us.”

– Taylor Steele 

Special Guest: Taylor Steele

Taylor Steele is a real estate investor, Realtor and private equity specialist who helps investors add real estate to their financial portfolio. He supports his clients to invest in private real estate deals across Canada and the United States. 

After graduating from BCIT with an Entrepreneurship specialization in 2015, Taylor co-founded IRR, a brokerage focused exclusively on investment real estate. 

At the age of 29, Taylor has built a personal portfolio of investment properties in British Columbia and the southern U.S. Taylor enjoys working with seasoned real estate investors and has a strong passion for helping first-time investors get started.

In this episode, Taylor talks about how he got his start in the business of real estate and real estate investing and where he is now with IRR, the company he co-founded with Cynthia Aasen (former TEDM Guest!).

Taylor offers practical guidance and ideas both for entrepreneurs and for those who need to get their money working for them. Plus, you’ll hear his boots-on-the-ground insights on the U.S. market, and the downtown centres close to home. Rooted in his powerful purpose both personally and for his business, in a relatively short time Taylor has certainly achieved some extraordinary results.

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