We Are Going to Fail to Succeed

“If we can show the rest of this nation in North America, the world, that you can make money which is what this industry is about, but do it while improving the quality of lives of others, that is my why. Without question I am here to create wealth for my investors…but while improving the lives of the people who live and work in our properties.” 
-Janet LePage

For the past decade, Janet LePage has been focused on creating wealth through well-selected real estate investment. She has grown her precise business strategy from more than 50 residential transactions in Arizona to the purchase of multi-family buildings. Under Janet’s leadership, Western Wealth Capital has acquired over 60 multi-family properties, comprising more than 12,000 rental units, with a transactional value of more than US$1.7 billion. Janet is a co-author of ‘Real Estate Action 2.0’, released in 2016 by Jurock Publishing Ltd. In 2019, Janet was named as a recipient of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40®. In 2017, Janet was named entrepreneur of the Year (Real Estate/Construction/Pacific region) by Ernst & Young. In 2016, Janet was named one of Business in Vancouver’s Forty Under 40 and was awarded the Veuve Cliquot Canadian New Generation Award, which recognizes young female entrepreneurs. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science and Business Administration (Simon Fraser University) and a Project Management Professional designation. (Source: WWC)
On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Patrick and Janet pick up where they left off from their episode two years ago; Janet’s company Western Wealth Capital with a portfolio of half a billion dollars in real estate, shooting for $1B and 10,000 units in 3 cities, and now closing in on a $2B portfolio and 15,000 units in 5 cities.

Janet discusses how prioritizing family and self-supports helps keep her healthy and strong, and explains how she and her husband invest in their marriage as they both run their own companies and consciously choose to have full lives. Janet also talks about how the power of coaching for high performance results cannot be understated, the fun and rewards of problem solving, and more!

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