Where Some People See Challenges, REIN Investors Only See Opportunities!


Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 9.12.27 AMAlbertans are resilient and know what it takes to persevere. Experienced investors are on property buying binges (!!!) right now and leading opportunities instead of chasing them. They are actively looking for new investment properties, readjusting their current strategies and making sure they are set up to WIN.

The Countdown is ON! Real Estate Strategies Opportunities Solutions summit launches next weekend (March 1-3)  and it’s time to tighten up your investment strategies. Depending on the stage you’re currently in, it’ll be the beginning, the restart or the refresh of 2019 for you. 

This is your opportunity to step back, reflect and get ready to launch yourself toward even greater prosperity. If you don’t act now, when the markets return quickly and prices rise, you’ll be disappointed you missed out!

To get ahead and stay ahead, you’ll need forward-thinking, leading-edge, new ideologies so you don’t get left behind.

Given the current economic, social and political landscape, we’ll teach you how to execute the strategies you should be deploying, the plethora of opportunities available to you, and the solutions our research team has gathered based on what we’re observing in Alberta’s marketplace.

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Real Estate Strategies Opportunities Solutions will equip you with:

  • Advanced strategies that experienced investors are employing to build their portfolios and increase their cash flow. Prairie Merchant Corporation‘s W. Brett Wilson will share how he is continuing to grow his Alberta portfolio and why he believes the best is yet to come.
  • Direct insights into Google’s data trends to show you where the state of recovery is and where it’s headed. (Shared exclusively by Google Canada Head of Industry Chris Adamkowski!)
  • Cutting edge technology for SERIOUS real estate players that is giving REIN investors a competitive advantage.
  • The chance to learn from Canada’s leading investors, entrepreneurs and trail blazers and adopt their skill sets and mindsets.
  • And so much more!

This weekend summit isn’t just a conversation about the economy and real estate; it’s about tapping into creative opportunities that are available to YOU right NOW. 

Click here to register for Real Estate Strategies, Opportunities & Solutions Calgary.

P.S. We’re hosting a Facebook Live on Thursday February 21 at 1pm MST with one of REIN’s most successful investors and members, Deanna Boyden. Be sure to tune in so you can see how she’s ensuring her portfolio is flourishing despite political and economic uncertainty! 

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