Wholehearted in Growth

“Change can only be made by oneself, for oneself. You can never pretend, you can’t fake it, you’re only fooling yourself. Change for the right reasons, or don’t change at all.“ 
– Simeon Papailias

Simeon Papailis is the Co-Founder of REC Canada, an award-winning Real Estate Firm whose fabric is made of over 45 multi disciplined Brokers, and covers residential, commercial and investment asset classes and transact well over $350M per annum. He leads his team with education, world class training, and is a mentor to his salespeople. Simeon and his partners are steadfast in upholding a values-driven company with a clear and intentional culture that can only attract exceptional individuals. 

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Simeon shares his background and formative years which were informed by a deep lineage of entrepreneurs. Throughout his life the influence of his parents, who demonstrated and taught two different but equally important management styles, has served him well on his own journey. “Born in a pizza bowl, raised in a kitchen” Simeon was entrenched in the restaurant world, including his own ventures, then came to the space of real estate where one of the most important mentors in his life expanded his world and his mind through personal and professional development. This has led to a lifelong passion for growth and contribution. 

Simeon talks openly about humility & intensity, being a positive example for his family and team, what drives his goals and passions and the continual pursuit of balance (which he reconsiders during the course of this conversation!) Listen in to enjoy an intense and powerful conversation with equal parts levity and fun.

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