Why I Left the Financial District for Real Estate


Inspired by the HGTV house flipping specials that we’ve all seen on TV, Jose began investing in real estate nine years ago at the age of 24. Without the support of a good team or a good understanding of fix and flips, Jose went over budget, over-improved his property, listed too high and ended up losing about $7,000.

“Mistakes are learning opportunities,” he says now that he’s completed approximately 30 transactions including both single family and multi-family homes. After his first property, Jose still made a few mistakes in the next few properties, but not only did he learn from every one, he also improved his systems with the Authentic Canadian Real Estate (ACRE) Program and now has a successful portfolio.

Despite starting at a young age, Jose did not originally intend to make his money through real estate investing. While studying engineering at McMaster University, Jose was a financial advisor who offered people (including himself) mutual funds as their primary investment vehicle. After the 2007-2008 stock market crash, Jose felt guilty that he had so many people investing with him: even though it wasn’t his fault, he still felt responsible, so he began researching investing alternatives.

Through his research he found real estate, and hasn’t looked back since. The main reason he chose real estate is because it gives you more control. You get to choose what you buy, where you buy, who your tenants are, how the property is marketed, financed, and more. Buying even one property makes you a small business owner, and with greater control over the business, you can grow your wealth much faster.

Jose now uses what he calls the “B.R.R.R.” model: Buy, Renovate, Rent, and Refinance. Investing primarily in Hamilton and Oshawa, he likes to buy a property, add a legal suite, and then refinance to get instant equity to put towards future projects.

Jose’s current portfolio allowed him to quit his corporate job to pursue real estate investing full time, and he became a Realtor partly out of necessity, and partly to help others achieve the same financial freedom he has found. It has also allowed him to spend as much time as he wants with his wife and newborn son.

Thanks to his fearless attitude, supportive wife, and the systems he learned at ACRE, Jose has been building real estate wealth for the last nine years, and is eagerly looking forward to expanding his portfolio, spending time with his family and helping others along the way.




“There’s no challenge that I don’t
think I can overcome now.”



“Now I can spend hours at home with my new
son and not worry about money like I used to.”

A REIN Member for five years, Jose Jafferji is a Realtor, real estate investor, devoted husband and new father living in Mississauga, Ontario. He has been investing in real estate for ten years, beginning at age 24 in 2007.

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