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The latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast is now online!

“The stuff that our mind will create is outrageous and it goes the same way when it comes to investing, to starting a business to doing that move that you’ve wanted to do forever… Do it! Fail, screw up, at least you’ll have a great story once you’re over it. And then the next time you try to do something else, the resistance will be a little less.” – Steve Martel

Special Guest: Steve Martel

A real estate expert and entrepreneur with a passion for making a difference. At just 18 years old, Steve Martel sold 859 homes as a realtor and went on to control over $1 billion in real estate as an investor.

He’s also started nine multi-million dollar companies and helped 487 coaching students create $2.2 billion in equity. In his free time, Steve has built entire villages in Haiti through his foundation and is dedicated to creating a better future for his four children.

After a successful career and five years of retirement, Steve is now focused on building a $5 billion real estate and business empire to positively impact the world and dismantle an educational system that stifles creativity and independent thought.

In this episode Steve brings his story alive, and shares how he became the fired-up, dynamo, entrepreneur that he is. His journey has not been without knocks, but Steve has done the work, since he was a young man, and is simply wired to take every experience, turn it into an opportunity to study, learn, and thrive forward. Listen as Steve and Patrick discuss real estate investing, Canadian and US markets, commodities, and the unfolding circus of politics. A very real and insightful conversation, Steve shares both where he’s been to get where he is, but also where he intends to go in the future – continually contributing to the success of others, and leaving and impactful and positive legacy for his family and community.

Keep an eye out for Steve – he will be making waves in the next ten years.

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