Wisdom for Leaders

Choice is the headwater of responsibility. Responsibility yields commitment. Once they restore integrity to their core values rather than their inner critic, results always happen. It’s really quite simple. 
Marc Cooper

Core values shape individuals from the inside out. Behaviour is the function of structure, and as leaders, it goes back to a place of self-awareness: How are you being? How are you showing up in the world? It is not about the next tactic or strategy but about who we are within each situation. 

For Marc Cooper, the experiences in his life led him to a place of providing wisdom for the business community. Integrity was an intrinsic component of Marc’s lineage and upbringing, and he soon realized it was congruent with his pursuits as an adult. Now, Marc works with leaders and corporations to determine their core values and to recognize the distinction of each one. It is a process that occurs over time, but it is work that Marc is passionate about.  

In the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Marc shares what drives him to continue doing the work he does and his definition of success and how it has evolved. Marc also offers practical exercises to examine what’s impeding us from getting what we want, and a simple exercise for aligning our decisions with our core values. 

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